Introducing – Tall Children (Polyphonica Session)

Polyphonica are pleased to introduce Tall Children.

Tall Children (Ben Hughes) is a pop singer / songwriter from Liverpool.

Prey (Live Session):

Since playing guitar from an early age, then studying at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts under the watchful eye of jazz guitarists Mike Walker and Steve Berry, Ben has recently launched his solo project ‘Tall Children’. Ben believes we are all Tall Children. Because being childlike is positive. He argues we should never lose our creativity, playfulness and fun. Inspired by Fleetwood Mac & Michael Jackson as a kid, Ben has since explored music as diverse as DJ Shadow, Jon Hopkins and more recently contemporary pop shape-shifters like The 1975.

More Than This (Live Session):

‘If the name of the project – Tall Children – is about not losing our playfulness in life, embracing failures, not becoming robotic as we age, then my second single (More Than This) documents a moment when a relationship of mine became way too adult and stern way too quickly. It had lost that sense of openness and play. Yes I had everything I had worked for, but honestly I needed something more to be truly happy.‘

Videos & Photography by Polyphonica.

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